Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adventure Cycling in Michigan

Adventure Cycling in Michigan: Selected On & Off Road Rides
The Adventure Cycling Association

This guidebook describes 39 bike rides throughout the state, organized into four regions: Upper Peninsula, North Lakes, Southwest Michigan, Southeast Michigan. Detailed directions, accompanied by maps and black and white photos, are given for each tour. Many of them are reasonably close to Kalamazoo.

Southwest Michigan Cycling
1. Kal-Haven Trail
Start: South Haven
End: Kalamazoo
Distance: 33.5 miles
Kal-Haven Trail

2. Paw Paw Way
Start & End: Paw Paw
Distance: 34.8 miles

3. Holland-Saugatuck Connection
End: Saugatuck
Distance: 15 miles

4. Grand Haven Trail
Start: Grand Haven State Park
End: Holland
Distance: 21 miles
Lakeshore Connector Path

5. Lake Michigan Trek
Start: Holland
End: Mackinac Bridge in Mackinaw City
Distance: 387.3 miles
League of Michigan Bicyclists' Shoreline West Bicycle Tour

6. Coopersville Ramble
Start & End: Coopersville
Via: Nunica, Grand Haven, Eastmanville, Lamont
Distance: 46.2 miles

7. Last Train to Clarksville
Start & End: Ada
Via: Clarksville & Lowell
Distance 41.5 miles

This book appears to be out-of-print but Amazon offered copies through its affiliates. I found it at my local library.

See the Adventure Cycling Association website.

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