Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake in Fort Custer Recreation Area is about a 20 minute drive east of Kalamazoo.  Motor boats are restricted on the lake, which makes it a good destination for canoes and kayaks since there are no jetskis or speedboats flying past.  The swimming beach is the most popular feature at Eagle Lake.  It has a concession stand, restrooms, and a big picnic area.  A disc golf course is laid out along the shore.  There's a boat launch with parking, beyond the beach area.

The lake itself is reasonably sized and features an island near the far shore, which makes a good paddling destination.  The lake is an impoundment and in places you can tree stumps underwater.  This afternoon, fish were jumping out of the water, although I didn't notice any of the many anglers catch one.  The Kingfishers and gulls seemed to have more luck.

Eagle Lake does have eagles, although we didn't see any this trip.

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