Thursday, February 23, 2012

Woodland Park

Woodland Park and Nature Preserve is in Battle Creek. It offers three loop trails totaling about 2.5 miles on a 145 acre property. I visited in early February, on the same afternoon I went to Ott Preserve. I'd hoped to return this winter to cross-country ski, but I'm no longer optimistic about our prospects for snow. Maybe next year.

In any case, the park offered a nice mix of forest, fields, and rolling hills with well-marked trails. Printed trail maps were available at the entrances. The park gave a distinct impression of newness, with evidence of energetic plans for its future. A silo at one entrance and a piece of old farm equipment in the woods gave evidence of the land's agricultural past.

Woodland Park and Nature Preserve
2518 Gethings Road
Battle Creek, MI

Another entrance, with parking, is on Helmer Road (14201 block)

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