Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rogue River Nature Trail

The Rogue River Nature Trail isn't a serious hiking trail, but it is a very pretty path along the Rogue River in Rockford, Michigan.  The trail is made of distinct segments, developed over the last few years.  The newest segment is boardwalk on the west bank of the river that was completed in 2012.  Other sections, on the east side of the river, connect downtown shops to nearby playgrounds and parks including Rockford's new dog park.    That trail segment offers several benches and picnic tables near the river.
The combined length of the segments is only about a mile.  For those looking for a longer excursion, the White Pine Trail intersects the Rogue River Nature Trail and runs over ninety miles.

A walkway on dam over the Rogue River connects the different trail sections.
The boardwalk is off-limits to bikes.  For me, that made it an ideal place to stretch my legs after a long ride on the White Pine Trail.  The nature trail was very popular with families and tourists on a recent sunny afternoon.
Rockford is about an hour north of Kalamazoo on US 131.  Follow 10 Mile Road (exit 97) east to Rockford's downtown.

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