Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin time

Our South American friends were impressed by Michigan's pumpkins. While Halloween is a growing holiday in Uruguay, the tradition of the jack-o-lantern hasn't made it to Montevideo. On our drive from Kalamazoo to Saugatuck we saw some impressive pumpkin displays and we picked up a nice pumpkin at a farm market.

We also made pumpkin pie for our guests & bought a sweet pumpkin bread, which we all enjoyed. I couldn't bring myself to offer them pumpkin beer. (Although I admit that this pumpkin soup recipe sounds pretty good.)

We didn't have time for any of the corn mazes or haunted forests and they had to leave before any of this weekend's Halloween events. I didn't realize, until today, that Halloween camping had become such a big thing in Michigan; that might have made an interesting outing.

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