Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fred McLinden Nature Trails

Fred McLinden Nature Trails are about 15 minutes northeast of downtown Kalamazoo. The main trail is a double loop centered on Comstock Creek. The inner loop is relatively flat. The outer loop features a fair climb up from the creek and, after a reasonably level section, a fairly steep downhill back to creek level. A side trail (too steep for me to ski) leads to a view of Campbell Lake.

Besides recreation, this area also serves as a wellfield for Kalamazoo's water system. The trail passes a few concrete structures that protect the water wells and an access road to the pumphouse.

Directions: From I-94 take exit 80, Sprinkle Road. Go north on Sprinkle about 4 miles to E.H Avenue. Go west about 2 miles on H to McLinden parking lot.

Fred McLinden Nature Trails
7405 East H Avenue
Comstock, MI


Anonymous said...

Hi, Chuck - Unofficially, welcome to the Nature Blog Network (if you haven't gotten the email already). I just had to stop by and say hello to another Michigan member.

Chuck Stull said...

Thanks Wren!
I got the email today.