Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planting time

Springtime, for many, means vegetable gardening and the first hint of warmer weather can make us eager to start. Starting too early, however, leads to poor results. I try to stick to the dates below (my rough calculations based on the book Square Foot Gardening)

Kalamazoo Earliest Planting Dates
April 10: Peas, spinach (from seed)
April 20: Broccoli, parsley (from transplant)
May 1: Carrots, lettuce, onions (from seed)
May 15: Potatoes
May 31: Tomatoes (transplant), summer squash (transplant or seed), beans (seed)
June 15 Peppers (transplant)

Michigan State Extension has detailed information on gardening in Michigan.

The Grand Rapids Press published an article on last freeze dates in W. Michigan.

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