Sunday, June 6, 2010

Short Bike Rides in Michigan

Short Bike Rides in Michigan
by Pamela Stovall

This guidebook suggests 41 road bike rides throughout the state. Most are between 10 and 20 miles long, on country roads. The book provides simple route maps and more detailed directions for each ride. It includes several rides near Kalamazoo.

West Michigan Bike Rides
1. Three Oaks Bicycle Museum Tour
Three Oaks-New Buffalo-Union Pier-Three Oaks loop

2. The Magical Mystery Tour
Nottawa-Colon-Nottawa loop

3. It's a Grrrreat Ride!: Battle Creek
loop centered on Battle Creek Linear Park

4. I got a ride in Kalamazoo: Kal-Haven Trail State Park
Kal-Haven Trail, then back on country roads

5. South Haven Side Ride
Kal-Haven Trail, then back on country roads

6. Gunning Down at Yankee Springs
Ride around Gun Lake

7. The Saugatuck Sashay
loop including Saugatuck, Douglas, & Fennville

8. Tulip City Tour: Holland
Loop north of Holland, starting at Holland St Park

9. The Coast Guard City Tour: Grand Haven
Loop south of Grand Haven

It seems like this book is out of print. There are used copies available from Amazon. My copy was from the library.

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