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Michigan Rivers Less Paddled

Michigan Rivers Less Paddled: The Rivers, The Towns, The Taverns
by Doc Fletcher

Michigan Rivers Less Paddled is a sequel to Canoeing in Michigan by the same author. This book describes another twenty-one rivers throughout the state, including several near Kalamazoo.

Southwest Michigan Rivers
1. Thornapple River
"The river has a national reputation as a fine smallmouth bass stream. The suggested river trip is right in the middle of some of the river's best fishing..."
Start at Charlton Park Bridge/Rivergate Campground; end at U-Rent-Em Canoe Livery in Hastings
3 hours
Skill level: beginner
Town: Hastings
Tavern: Olde Towne Tavern Co.
Canoe rental at U-Rent-Em Canoe Livery

2. Dowagiac River

"The river feel was rustic (even more than most rivers), the water flowed quickly down long straight-aways, the many logs just above and just below the surface kept us alert and on our toes, and the trees leaning in from each bank formed a canopy above us, acting as a coolant on a hot summer day."
Start at Doe-Wah-Jack livery; end at M62 Bridge
2 hours
Skill level: intermediate
Town: Dowagiac
Tavern: Wounded Minnow Saloon
Canoe rental at Doe-Wah-Jack's Canoe Rental

3. Kalamazoo River
"Without protective tree cover, the winds and sands coming off of Lake Michigan quickly eroded Singapore into ruins. By 1875, the town was vacated (many residents moved to The Flats, i.e. Saugatuck) and completely covered over by sand drifts. Today Singapore is buried beneath the dunes."
Start at Ottawa Marsh (128th & 46th Roads); end at Old Allegan Road (at 58th St)
3 hours
Skill level: beginner
Town: Saugatuck
Tavern: Wally's Bar & Grill
Canoe rental at Old Allegan Canoe

4. Rocky River

"The view looking north from the bridge is sweet: the Rocky white water flows beneath a foot bridge, cascading down a series of rocks before wrapping around a grassy island." [Portage suggested here.]
Start at Null Road Bridge; end at Liquid Therapy ramp (across St. Joe River)
2 hours 25 minutes.
Skill level: intermediate
Town: Three Rivers
Tavern: Brewster's
Canoe rental at Liquid Therapy

5. Grand River
"The Grand's Indian name is 'O-wash-ta-nong', meaning far-away-water, a name well-suited to a 260-mile long river."
Start at Tompkins Road; end at Grand Adventures livery.
2.5 - 3 hours.
Skill level: intermediate
Town: Jackson
Tavern: Archey's (in Onondaga)
Canoe rental at Grand Adventures

6. Rogue River
"For thousands of years before the Europeans arrived, the Rogue was the main transportation route linking Native Americans in the Grand Rapids area with their cousins near Newaygo."
Start at 12 Mile Road Bridge (at Friske Road); end 100' before Rockford dam
2 hours
Skill level: beginner
Town: Rockford
Taverns: Rogue River Tavern; Grill One Eleven
Canoe rental at Powers Outdoors

7. Looking Glass River

"Deeply beautiful reflections off of the river's surface, as the water gently ripples over rocks, treat you to a visual paradise throughout."
Start at Lowell Bridge; end at Wacousta Canoe Livery
3-4 hours
Skill level: intermediate
Town: Portland
Tavern: Duke's Cajun Grill (aka Duke's Canoe Club)
Canoe rental at Wacousta Canoe Livery

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