Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mountain Biking in southern Michigan

Adventure Guide to Michigan
by Kevin & Laurie Hillstrom

In addition to regional featured destinations, that I posted about earlier, this guidebook has suggestions for individual sports. Here are some recommendations for biking in southern Michigan from their "On Wheels" section.

Mountain Biking
1. Addison Oaks Trails
5 miles
"Local favorite, moderately difficult."
Addison Oaks County Park

2. Fort Custer Trails

"Great mix for beginners and more advanced bikers."
Fort Custer Recreation Area

3. Highland Trails
14.5 mile system
"Probably the most technically challenging circuit in the entire state."
Highland Recreation Area

4. Holdridge Lakes Trail

Holly Recreation Area

5. Island Lake Trails

10 miles
"Detroit-area favorite. Relatively mellow."
Island Lake Recreation Area

6. Lawless Park Trails

10 miles
"Near the state's border, it's a Northern Indiana favorite."
Lawless County Park

7. Pontiac Lake Trails
"Grinding climbs, steep downhill runs, and a variety of technical challenges.
Favorite for competitive riders"
Pontiac Lake Recreation Area

8. Yankee Springs Trails

"These exhilarating and challenging trails are some of the very best that the state has to offer."
Yankee Springs Recreation Area

9. Potawatomi Trail

"One of the state's true biking meccas"
Pinckney Recreation Area

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